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Who we are

Adejohisah.com is made up of a of team of netizens (citizen of the internet), professionals in varied fields of  endeavors and  students of online business community, Here, you will read our stories of how we started online business and  the expertise so gained by going through the process.

While this channel will chronicle our learning’s as guide for you, we will also share of the tools and resources  used , we will draw from our business experience ( good, bad and very ugly) to give you practical and effective  advise for your online business journey.

Our pledge

We will chronicle articles, tutorials and podcast that will teach you the following subjects

  • Business consulting

  • Copy-writing and content creation

  • Blogging

  • Digital Marketing

  • Website design

  • Brand communication

  • Affiliate marketing, Programs and networks

  • Business tools for entrepreneurs

  • Training and mentoring


If followed meticulously, your inspiring journey begins, see you up there…

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